Veritas Faire



After Veritas Medieval Faire’s daytime hours conclude, we’ll be hosting an intimate banquet from 6-8pm.

Overlooking the foothills of the Cascades and accented by medieval pavilions, this feast will feature authentic period dishes and an exclusive magic show by Master Payne!


Only 20 tickets will be sold for this limited engagement. Tickets are only $35 each for this sumptuous feast of period foods and entertainments, and can be purchased on our tickets page. 




  • 1st Course: A selection of cheeses served on sourdough trenchers (edible bpeasant_banquetread plates)
  • 2nd Course: Brouet de Canelle (savory cinnamon soup, from a 14th Century French source)
  • 3rd Course: Blankmanger (a delightful chicken, rice and almond dish served into your trencher, from a 14th Century English source)
  • 4th Course: Leche Frys in Lentoun (spiced, sweet fruit pies, from a 14th Century English source)
  • 5th Course: Crispels (light pastries basted in honey, from a 14th Century English source)
  • Water will be provided

Food allergy warning: dishes contain nuts, dairy and gluten.

With great regret, we cannot accommodate substitutions for food allergies or vegetarians. If in doubt, do not consume!

Menu is subject to change, depending upon the availability of specialized ingredients.

Banquet tickets do not include general admission to Veritas Medieval Faire! For general admission tickets, click here!

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