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Call for Merchants (Vendors)!

Call for Vendors ImageCALL FOR MERCHANTS (Vendors)!

Veritas Medieval Faire, in Ellensburg, WA on May 28th  11am-6pm.

Veritas Medieval Faire is committed to filling our vendor spots with local and regional artisans or craftspersons with offerings relevant to our period in history (period accurate, medieval-inspired or representative of a craft or art form practiced during the Middle Ages.) Location of booths is designed with high visibility in mind, and vendors carefully selected with the intention of highlighting each booth as a specialist in their market. We want merchants who specialize in metal work, ceramic/pottery, leather craft, sewing, embroidery, soap making, wool-making, weaving, painting, woodworking, glass and more! Booth prices range between $35-15, depending upon whether the booth is thematically decorated and/or the artist is willing to do a scheduled demonstration at their booth!

Veritas Medieval Faire is a one day event by Kron, Inc., a local 501c3 nonprofit which specializes in fact-based programming on the Middle Ages for schools, libraries and museums region wide. Bringing their own extensive programming offerings to their home base city of Ellensburg, WA. The event will be filled with engaging activities, demonstrations, classes and high-quality entertainers.

For more information, please contact us! CLICK HERE to download our Vendor Application!

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2 Comments to "Call for Merchants (Vendors)!"

  1. N. Lynn Burns says:

    I received an invitation to come as a vendor from Rebekkah when she visited the Wenatchee Renaissance Faire last weekend. I enjoyed looking at your site and am excited to come as a vendor. I am a costumer and make all of my wares except a few corsets that I brought in from the UK. The style of my garments is mostly Tudor-Elizabethan, but I do have a few lady dresses that are more Middle Ages, suede and linen woodsmen caps and several styles of belt pouches. My husband and I both have costumes that we wear while vending I will ask him to help me send pictures as I am much better with a sewing machine than a computer.

    • VMF_admin says:

      We are excited to have you come! We’ve sent you a follow-up email but haven’t gotten a response so we’ll send one more tonight and try to reach you by phone tomorrow.

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