Veritas Faire

Food & Drink

Our daytime food and drink offerings offer modern convenience with a medieval flair! Cash or card only!

For tickets to our exclusive after-hours Banquet, click here! (Coming soon!)

  • Medieval-style Chicken Skewer: GrillePeasants Breaking Breadd fresh with honey and a secret blend of period spices:  $3 each or 2/$5
  • Bread Roll: A true staple of medieval dining, provided with packets of butter and honey: $2
  • Drink: Your choice of bottled water, juice box or (ahem) Coke: $1
    • Basic Medieval Lunch: 2 chicken skewers, 1 roll and 1 drink: $7
  • Nuts: Your choice (while supplies last) of peanuts, cashews or almonds. Hint: if you want to be true to the time, choose the almonds! $2
  • Dried Fruit: $2
  • Napkins provided abundantly- no plates or utensils. Eat with your fingers!

All concessions available only while supplies last!

Food allergy warning: dishes may contain nuts, dairy and gluten.

With great regret, we cannot accommodate substitutions for food allergies or vegetarians. If in doubt, do not consume!

Please note, all items listed are subject to availability; changes may be made to offering at any point between now and the Faire!


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