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Call for Volunteers

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Veritas Medieval Faire Needs YOU!

Sounds a little like a recruitment poster, doesn’t it? But, in fact, Veritas Medieval Faire is recruiting… volunteers, that is!

We’re looking for fun, trustworthy, responsible adults with good social skills who would like a free pass into the faire in exchange for volunteering. We want to ensure we have enough volunteers that everyone can enjoy at least a couple hours of the faire- and we’ve recently had some spots and shifts open up. Stations include gate, the archery/trebuchet range, food (food handler permits required) and even the information table.


The perks of volunteering?

  • Volunteering for a 501c3 non-profit looks great on a resume!
  • Free food! Each volunteer gets one free food coupon for daytime concessions on-site.
  • Free admission- you don’t have to pay to get in!
  • Entertainment! We’re doing our best to ensure that none of our volunteers have to work the during the entire faire so everyone has a chance to enjoy themselves for a while off-the-clock.

Sound like fun? Use the contact page to get in touch! Send us your name and your list of qualifications to apply!

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