Veritas Faire


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Veritas Swordplay Academy

VMF Knight Line UpStudents from Veritas Swordplay Academy are featured in Veritas Medieval Faire‘s Tournament of Arms. Featuring accurate combat techniques researched from period manuscripts, thrill as they fight with spear, sword, dagger and pole axe using authentic period technique! Who will you cheer for?


Fairy Princess Lolly

We're happy to announce that the magical Fairy Princess Lolly will be among our entertainers at Veritas Medieval Faire!The one, only and magical Fairy Princess Lolly will be enchanting boys and girls of all ages throughout the day at Veritas Medieval Faire! She’ll be playing games and featuring activities which will make the imaginations of your young ones soar!


Knights of Veritas

Trebuchet Awesome VMF WatermarkVeritas Swordplay Academy‘s sister program, Knights of Veritas, will be on hand all day at their Interactive History Pavilion, where you can see and touch the armour used in the Tournament of Arms, handle replica weapons, see real medieval antiquities and more!

Knights of Veritas will also be offering their Hands-On Archery program and Hands-On Trebuchet program at Veritas Medieval Faire at different times throughout the day.






 Master Payne’s Mediaeval Magykes

You won’tpayne02 believe your eyes when Master Payne hits the stage!

Witness for yourself Miracles of Rare Device, Wonderworks never before see and Merriments to bide away the time.

Young and old alike will be equally Entertained by the Wondrous Feats of Legerdemayn presented before them by this Rogueish Jongleur, who will be providing two shows in the day and a special show just for ticketholders of the Banquet!






 Joseph Hanigtone, Fletcher

archery Visit Joseph Hanigtone, Fletcher throughout the day at his encampment to see how arrows were made in the middle ages and view the replica equipment of a medieval archer!

Will Joseph take his longbow out to the range for some target practice? You’ll have to come and see!


Ye Green Bough

mailmakerTim Kupec of Ye Green Bough will be demonstrating how mail armour (often incorrectly referred to as “chainmail”) was made in period. If you think you’ve seen this done before, think again…  most people who claim to “make chainmail” aren’t even close to making functional mail armour the way it was done hundreds of years ago.

Stop by his encampment any time in the day to learn more and see how the real stuff was made when lives were on the line!




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